Tree Care



For Trees Precut
We recommend re-cutting the base. Remove 1/2" of the base and put in water when you arrive home. Keep base of all trees in water as long as the trees are in the home.

For live trees
Live trees should be kept away from heat sources and vents. They should never be placed near fireplaces or wood stoves. Placing the tree on an unheated porch out of the sunlight is a good choice. The tree should be stored at household temperature for as little time as possible. In fact, live trees should be kept inside as little as possible. If inside, a live tree should be kept cool, the closer the tree is kept to the outside temperature, the better the chance of it surviving once planted out. While inside, the root ball should be placed in something that holds water. The preferred method is to put the ball in a wash tub and put mulch under and around the root ball. To water the plant, place ice cubes on the ball. The cubes will melt slowly and provide moisture for the root ball. As soon as Christmas is past, plant your live tree in the desired location and mulch. As soil can often be frozen at this time of year, the hole can be dug in advance and filled with straw or mulch to keep it from freezing solid. While the root ball is thawed, water sufficiently until tree is established.

And for all trees
Keep tree lights off when not around as the lights can make the tree dry out faster.

Our Trees

White Pine  - Pinus strobus - soft, blue-green needles, 2 to 5 inches long in bundles of five; retains needles throughout the holiday season; very full appearance; little or no fragrance; less allergic reactions as compared to more fragrant trees. Largest pine in United States; slender branches will support fewer and smaller decorations a compared to Scotch Pine. A native, traditional tree and fast grower.
Norway Spruce - Picea abies - needles 1/2" to 1 " long and shiny, dark green. Firm branches; strong fragrance; fresh cut trees can last 3 weeks. Will hold heavy ornaments; nice conical shape. Do not recommend cutting this tree before December; if cut too early, needles will drop. Makes a good traditional tree.

"We Sell Large Trees!"
We Sell Large Trees!